RS485 Line Termination Resistor Calculator (online)


Power supply, Vcc:  (Volts)
Resistor end of line, Rb:  (ohms)
AWG wire:  
Length of line:  (meters)
Resistor R1:  Ω
Resistor R2:  Ω
Resistor Ra:  Ω
Impedance:  Ω

RS485 Line Termination Resistor Calculator for power termination configuration.

  RS485 data transmission lines should always be terminated with a resistor or a combined resistor with capacitor and stubs should be as short as possible to avoid signal reflections on the line. The Power termination configuration protect the line failsafe bias for idle operation. With the load calculator rs485 lines we can calculate the appropriate resistance to maintain the correct impedance. beta!

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