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Microcontroladores 8051

7.2.1. Synchronous serial communication, Mode 0

Mode 0 is a synchronous communication system. Through the RxD pin is transmit data, while the sync pulses are located at TxD. For this mode, the transmission speed is fixed to the oscillator frequency ÷ 12. This communication system is typically used to expand the number of points of entry and exit by shift registers.

Signals in mode 0 record offset

7.2.2. Serial Communication 8-bit UART Mode 1

Signals in 8-bit mode 1 UART

Functions as UART for serial communications with RS-232 communication speed variable. The transmission speed can be chosen depending on the clock work and the reload value of 0 Timer2 Timer1. Used the TxD and RxD pins for transmit and receive full duplex respectively. The protocol uses 10 bits to transmit a byte or character organized as follows:

  • 1 Start bit
  • 8 data bits (LSB first position)
  • 1 Stop bit
Block diagram of the 'running of the UART mode 1
Signs of transmission and reception of the fly of the UART mode 1
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