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Microcontroladores 8051

4.5. Program Control Instructions

Program Control Instructions bit nicroprocesadores 8051

Unconditional branch instructions

LJMP addr16. 16bits unconditional jump (long jump).

AJMP addr11. 11bits unconditional jump (short hop).

SJMP rel. Salto unconditional on the current position.

If you use an assembler, jumps can be expressed in its generic term for unconditional jump JMP and CALL to jump to subroutine, the software assembler will replace the jump for the specific generic microprocessor suitable for each case.

JMP label. Salto generic unconditional.

In the following snippet of code in JMP SALTO1 an unconditional jump is made from the current position to the line that is labeled SALTO1, the assembler will replace the label SALTO1 by the value of the corresponding direction.

JMP SALTO1 ; Salto incondicional a SALTO1

Jump to subroutine

Lcall addr16. 16bits Jump to subroutine (long jump).

ACALL addr11. Salto subroutine of 11 bits (short hop).

CALL label. Salto generic subroutine.

Indirect jump

JMP @ A + DPTR. Salto position indirectly resulting from the sum of the data contained in the DPTR registers and accumulator.

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