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Microcontroladores 8051

1. 8051 Microcontrollers

1.1. 8051/8052 Microcontroller Features

The following list shows the most important features of the 8051/8052 family microcontrollers.

  • 80C51 based architecture with 8-bit CPU.
  • Processor with support Boolean operations on bits.
  • Integrated Program Memory 8K × 8 EPROM (87C52 case).
  • No internal program memory ROMless (case 80C32).
  • Internal RAM of 256 x 8.
  • Three meters of 16-bit timers (counter / timers).
  • A channel for full duplex asynchronous serial RS-232 communications.
  • Memory addressing capability 64k ROM and 64k RAM.
  • Modes in low power consumption (Idle mode Power-down mode).
  • Compatible with TTL and CMOS digital technologies.
  • Clock frequencies including body work 3.5 to 33MHz.
  • Internal oscillator.
  • 6 interrupt sources with different levels of priority.
  • 2 external interrupts.
  • 3 breaks counters / timers (timers).
  • 1 interrupt for serial port.

The block diagram of the 80C32 microcontroller can be seen in the figure below.

Bloquesde diagram the internal structure of microcontroller 8051
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