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Domótica sencilla, fácil y económica

 Introduction to home automation network free microHomeLan
 Economic issues in home automation installations

3.1.2. SCH Esquena PWM regulator diode LED

PWM controller scheme LED diode, 3A PowerLed


Value Device Parts Description
1 LEDB155 LED1 3mm green LED
1 3K3 R-EU_0207/10 R4 ¼ watt resistor 1%
2 4K7 R-EU_0207/10 R1, R3 ¼ watt resistor 1%
3 5.6 R-EU_0309/12 R5, R6, R7 Resistance> ½ Watt 5%
1 6.8V 1N821 D2 0.4 W Zener Diode 6.8 V or similar BZX79-B6V8
2 10K R-EU_0207/10 R2, R9 ¼ watt resistor 1%
1 100K R-EU_0207/10 R10 ¼ watt resistor 5%
2 100nF C-EU050-025X075 C3, C4 MKT Capacitor Miniature 100nF/100V
1 100uF/35V CPOL-EUE3.5-8 C1 100uF/35V electrolytic capacitor, preferably 105 ° C low esr
1 150uH L-USTJ2-U2 L1 Coil Inductor 150uH, ≥ 1A * 1A or 3A output current depends on LED diode, see documentation
1 470uF/35V CPOL-EUE5-10.5 C2 470uF/35V electrolytic capacitor, preferably 105 ° C low esr * To reduce electromagnetic interference EMI, see documentation
1 LM2576TV LM2575TV IC1 IC switching regulator 3A, regulated
1 TO-126 TO-126 $ 1 Encapsulated PCB Heatsink TO126, TO220
6 TPPAD1-17Y TPPAD1-17Y +24 V, GND, GND-PWM, LED + LED-PWM * Connection terminals, a piece of wire
1 UF5402 UF5400 D1 Power diode ultra fast 1A to 3A, or UF5402 UF4003 or similar * Depending on the output current of the LEDs, see documentation

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