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Domótica sencilla, fácil y económica

 Introduction to home automation network free microHomeLan
 Economic issues in home automation installations Supply voltage of the plant automation

Circuit power plant automation

For power plant automation has opted for a switch mode power supply with a voltage regulator integrated circuit LM2575 (1A switching regulator.) You must use a switching power supply for a good energy efficiency (90%) in the home automation network. We used the LM2575 integrated since it has become a standard, low cost and easy to find.

To give more freedom to carry out the supply line, you can choose between two possible configurations:

1 ª With LM2575HV-ADJ. The circuit is shown in the figure with the resistors R19 = 3K6Ω (1%) and R20 = 1K2 Ω (1%).

Note: Failure to obtain 5V ± 5%, it has to adjust the resistance R19, changing or placing another in series or parallel to obtain a precise voltage.

2 nd With LM2575HV-5.0. You can opt for a regulatory circuit with fixed voltage to 5V, in this case no need for resistors R19 and R20, just do a bridge on the R19 and remove R20, as shown in following figure. This configuration is simpler than the first and has more safety and we ensure a voltage of 5V if risk of errors.

Bridges on the motherboard to power with a LM2575HV-5.0
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