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Domótica sencilla, fácil y económica

 Introduction to home automation network free microHomeLan
 Economic issues in home automation installations

1.1.2. Bus Connection

Communication buses Uhlan 1.0 CPU

Communication systems or expansion of the CPU board is designed to connect the input and output ports of μcontrolador with different power motherboards.

The buses SV2 and SV3 of 9 pins each consist of a plug for IC-type layered post.

Connector SV2

Number Pin Description Board assignment
1 AGND Analog ground Mass
2 PD6 Port D pin 6 Digital input DI4 4
3 PD5 Port D pin 5 Digital input DI3 3
4 PD4 Port D pin 4 DI2 Digital Input 2
5 PD3 Port D pin 3 1 Analog output AO1
6 GND Digital Mass Mass
7 L +24 V Mains PoE 24V, food MB
8 RS-B + RS-485 line B Additional connection terminal
9 RS-A- RS-485 A Line Additional connection terminal

SV3 connector

Number Pin Description Board assignment
1 +5 V CPU Digital Power 5V Input
2 PC3 Port C pin 3 4 Digital Output DO4
3 PC2 Port C pin 2 DO3 Digital output 3
4 PC1 Port C pin 1 DO2 Digital Output 2
5 PC0 Port C pin 0 DO1 Digital Output 1
6 PB3 Port B pin 3 AO4 4 Analog Output
7 PB2 Port B pin 2 AO3 Analog output 3
8 PB1 Port B pin 1 2 analog output AO2
9 PB0 Port B pin 0 Digital input DI1 1

1.1.3. Bus 1-Wire Communications / Control

Bus 1-Wire communication / control

The connector consists of a pole SW5 three pins is for temperature sensing devices that use the communications protocol developed 1-Wire Dallas Semiconductor ( Maxim ). These 1-Wire devices communicate through a single wire forming a network of bus type, although it has 2 pins for power, the devices can be powered beams of the data line, running minimized 2-wire connection, and mass data.

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