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Domótica sencilla, fácil y económica

 Introduction to home automation network free microHomeLan
 Economic issues in home automation installations

3.2. Uhlan PowerLed V1.0 SMD 1A

Regulator PWM current control with LED power LEDs for plant automation based on integrated circuit switched. This circuit is characterized by the ability to program the output current of the LED in 100mA steps up to 1A, a wide range in the operating voltage that allows the regulator to work between 6 and 60V, allowing up to 4 placed in series LED lamps LEDs. Working at a high frequency 500KHz allows you to use small components significantly reduced the extent of PCB and obtaining a very high yield, up to 95%.


Supply voltage 6 to 60V
Maximum output current 1A
High efficiency Up to 95%
Working frequency 500KHz
PCB Size 20 x 47 mm

06/14/2011, Developing

Prototype PWM controller for LED diodes plant automation

Performance Test

A / With a 10W LED.

Supply Voltage 24V
Input current 378mA
Load voltage 9.1V
Load intensity 820 mA

Input Power

P_i\ =\ V_i*I_i\ =\ 24*0,378\ =\ 9,072\ W


P_o\ =\ V_o*I_o\ =\ 9.1*0.82\ =\ 7.462\ W


\eta \ =\ \frac{P_o}{P_i}*100\ =\ \frac{7.462}{9.072}*100\ =\ 82.25%


Element Temperature
Environment 26.9 º C
Coil 44 º C
Diode 48 º C
C. Integrated 51 ° C
Condenser I. 40 ° C
Condenser O. 37 ° C
PCB 45 °

PCB located horizontally.

B / Two 10W LED diodes in series.

Supply Voltage 24V
Input current 643mA
Load voltage 18.2V
Load intensity 770 mA

Input Power

P_i\ =\ V_i*I_i\ =\ 24*0.643\ =\ 15,432\ W


P_o\ =\ V_o*I_o\ =\ 18.2*0.77\ =\ 14.014\ W


\eta \ =\ \frac{P_o}{P_i}*100\ =\ \frac{14.014}{15.432}*100\ =\ 90.81%

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