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Domótica sencilla, fácil y económica

 Introduction to home automation network free microHomeLan
 Economic issues in home automation installations

Economic issues in home automation installations

Home automation has to be expensive? No! unlike today, the trading system manufacturers makes installation of building automation in a cost increase compared to a traditional system, this factor has to invest, the introduction of automation in a home, input has to reduce the cost of installation and at the same time must provide benefits to Its use. This is achieved by central μHomeLan distributed home automation.

Direct financial contributions in the installation

  • Manufacturing cost of a home automation € 40.
  • Istalación make a home automation in a memo from 150 € (with 2-3 central automates a 4 bedroom house).
  • Removed the power cables to switches and switches.
  • Signal cables are used in the sensors (small, cheap, not subject to regulation).
  • It reduces the length of the power cables.
  • It eliminates expensive switches and power switches.
  • Eliminating costly electrical control elements such as timers, light sensors, thermal etc.
  • All controls are simple buttons or touch sensors cheaper than power.
  • The buttons can be put in parallel, multiplying the number of controls in a simple and economical.
  • It reduces the number of drives, each switch or sensor can take up to 5 different functions.
  • Lighting System Low Voltage 12-24v for leds.

Indirect economic contributions in the use

  • Free energy, if the home automation network is integrated with a photovoltaic solar panel, the power of home automation, whole house lighting, the automatic (engine shutters, awnings, solenoid valves ...) will feed on free solar energy .
  • Spousal support distributed computing in the home automation, each plant works independently, if you deselect one, the rest still work.
  • Home Automation open to future needs, each switch or sensor can be reprogrammed to perform different actions based on need, not necessary future investments in new elements.

Energy saving lighting fits the needs of the moment.

  • You can create lighting environments according to the need of the hour.
  • It save a lot of energy by using LED diodes.
  • It stretches the very life of the diodes LEDs even more power to control its temperature and its system of work.

Saving energy in the solar control.

  • The blinds are adapted to maintain the level of lighting in the rooms.
  • Solar gain in winter the shutters open at the hours of sunlight in summer close to prevent solar radiation.

The automatic control is integrated into home automation power, no purchase necessary drivers or programmers.

  • Control canopies or umbrellas for protection from solar radiation.
  • Garden irrigation control at the appropriate time and as the need is now in water.
  • Automated control of heating or air conditioning.
  • Automatic electrical items such as washing machine, oven, ventilation etc.
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